Create Smiles with a Personal Christmas Video Message from Santa - Over 2400 Names!


  1. Select the recipient name from Santa’s list
  2. Click ‘Easy To Get A Custom Message’

A link to your personal video message from Santa will be emailed in less than 4 hours. You can email, play, forward, share to social or download your message.


What We do?

Santa can you help you deliver that special Christmas message! Running out of time to send a Christmas Card? This is quicker than Santa’s sleigh. We create awesome quality, family friendly and entertaining video messages for all kids young and old to enjoy. Take a look around. There are great educational videos for those elves wanting to learn at Santa school, there are a few of Santa’s favorite recipes in ‘Santa’s Kitchen’ and of course we can create custom Santa message for your special someone. In short, it’s a wonderful Christmas gift idea.
We think our videos are more exciting than Christmas cards as they don’t end up in the bin, for those whom are not able to be together, you and include a photo of the sender(s), or the family pet!

What you can get?

  • A unique and Personal Christmas Video Message from Santa which include Santa saying the name of the recipient, the name(s) of senders and optionally an image will be shown during a part of the video message.
  • Santa’s Official Nice List Certificate – CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE
  • Email delivery with a link to download, view or share valid till the end of February in less than 6 hours.

And you can:

Easy To Make Your Own Christmas Greeting Video

  1. Select your message theme: Messages vary by length and content.
  2. Select the recipient from Santa’s List: Choose from over 2400 names and let us know if you cannot find it.
  3. Select up to four (4) sender names: These can be people’s names (over 2400) or family groups like ‘your brothers and sisters‘, ‘aunty‘, ‘sisters‘, ‘your parents‘ or ‘your friends and family‘. Have a look through the list.
  4. Optionally upload a square image which will be blended into the video : Best results are with a photos 600 x 600 pixels, it could be a photo of the recipient, or the sender, or a Christmas gift you are sending or even the family pet.
  5. Review your selections and click Order! The elves will get to work right away!

The team will work on your awesome message immediately!

  • Using Okram’s video production engine system (CAVE) we are able to get to work as soon as your order is lodged.
  • Santa records the personal Christmas message with fun references and jolly guidance at the Santa Village
  • The elves bring together the audio with an engaging animation sequence of Santa at the North Pole
  • The image elf team at Santa Village add in your uploaded image and place it at a specific point in the video. You can upload an image of the recipient, a photo of the sender(s), or even the family pet!
  • The video production elf wraps it up all together and produces your personal Christmas Video Message from Santa
  • Jumping off Santa’s Sleigh, the reindeer transfer the video to a secure location
  • The team email you a link so you can watch, download or share with anyone whom you wish.

Something for Everyone

Not only can you order your personal Christmas Greeting from Santa at, we also want to encourage our little elves with all good things to help them.

Have a look at our Santa School collection of early learning videos for those wanting to learn the alphabet, or even counting to 100 with Santa and more!

CLICK HERE to download a FREE Santa Letter Template – No email address or credit card required! Print it for that special someone to use.

We also have a recipe page for Santa’s favourite recipes on the Santa’s Kitchen page. Try them out and tag us in your Instagram or Twitter with your fabulous foodie photos!

You can also send us your recipe for us to try out and if Santa likes it, we will add it to the page – Be your own Christmas Master Chef!

Personal Santa Greetings: a wonderful Christmas gift idea

A quick and easy way to send a Christmas greeting to anyone, anywhere.

A personal touch which could be for Marcelo or Linda or Mom, Grandma or Dad or another family member with Santa mentioning your name as the sender. You can add up to 4 senders whom Santa will mention and include family groups like ‘Brothers and Sisters’. There are over 2400 recipients plus family groups to choose from, and we are adding more names every three weeks.

The link can be emailed to anyone to enjoy, or the video can be downloaded and stored. We keep the videos available in our storage until the end February.

The Elves do not always collect all the names for the list. If you cannot find the name you need in a MySantaMessage, click the button below and send us the name to add to the list. We will notify you when it is ready. Due to the complexity of the levers and pulleys which the Elves use, this will typically take 3-4 weeks. As Santa is getting ready to travel the world, we stop adding names by 5th December.

A Sample MySantaMessage Christmas Greeting Video



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